Time Out

We live in an uber-busy world, where a jam-packed schedule is a badge of honor.  Our surroundings are evolving faster than we can keep up (digital, social, cultural, environmental); there’s an ever-growing queue on our Netflix account, and ever-expanding To Do list, and too many emails or Slack messages to get through.

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) runs us; it’s exhausting and takes a toll on our mental, emotional and physical health. But, what happens if we detach and instead practice JOMO (Joy of Missing Out)?  

In my fast-paced NYC life, there is never a dull moment. As a Type A+, I look forward to the month of Ramadan as a chance to disconnect from the whirlwind around me, to take stock and engage with self, to practice JOMO.   

What I did to practice the art of JOMO (and encourage others running a day-to-day fast-paced life):

  • Slow down! Recognize that we all need to slow down our pace once in a while. I unplugged from mentally and socially exhausting activities. 

  • Unplug. Allow technology to work for you and not the other way around. You can respond to a friend’s text a day later. (I give you permission.) I refused to be a slave to my smart devices.

  • Declutter. If there is something that doesn’t bring you joy, let it go. This holds true for every aspect of life, not just your closet.   

  • Block the noise. I stayed in silence, “music” for my over-stimulated ears. 

  • Be accountable. Have someone committed to your plan; no one can do it alone. I leaned on a friend to keep me true to my Ramadan objectives. 

  • Center yourself. Be mindful and savor the moment. I celebrated me.

Thirty days later, the sweet calm of Ramadan allowed me to meet the challenge of daily grind with equanimity and some modicum of peace, which I can now carry into the changing tides and uncertainty of the future. And I look forward to this kind of soul-replenishing respite even more than my famous “glam” vacations!

What kinds of soul-nourishing things do you do when the eye of the storm is upon you?