Anat & Kobi at Neiman Marcus

Here I am with one of my favorite designers, Kobi Halperin. We are in the fitting rooms at Neiman-Marcus in the Short Hills mall in New Jersey. My personal shopper, Anat Erez, calls me when there’s a trunk show by a designer she thinks I would like — she matches styles to her clientele.  

Anat and I have a close relationship: I trust her with my life; well, at least my credit card. Anat doesn’t let me pick anything that she thinks won’t look good on me. Her own style is very edgy — the total opposite of me, but it works for her. So, just like I am stretching myself by working with someone like Anat, she is going out of her comfort zone working with someone more conservative, like me. (And she has endless patience--I’m a very demanding client, and a hard one to please.)

Anat picked Kobi Halperin as someone whose styles would look perfect on me.  

Kobi is an Israeli (like Anat) who started his own label after working as the Executive Creative Director at Elie Tahari and Kenneth Cole. His brand represents comfort, casual chic and colorful designs.

I learned that Kobi only had eight fittings the day I went on. I’d assume there’d be more, but I found out he doesn’t take everybody. Anat briefed him about me, and there was a rack of clothes waiting for me in the dressing room. He was super-prepared!

All the pieces I tried on were from a collection inspired by his trip to Bali - the architecture, landscape, and colors. His pieces are conversation starters, as he puts it, “for the women who celebrate getting dressed every day.” Kobi plays with things like feathers, rich, embroidered fabrics and bold colors (and, as a woman of color, I’m told I carry them well).

You’ll hear more about Anat. I totally believe in stylists. They cost nothing, and if you find someone you can connect with, they will be life-changing. Anat shows me how to invest in the whole collection (both daywear and evening); knows what compliments my body; and pushes me to try things I’d never try on my own.

Look to future posts on how Anat helped me “shop my closet,” find new outfits lurking, and just as in the in-store experience, saved me time, effort, energy, and a lot of money!

What's your experience like shopping with a stylist?

The Z Experience: Kobi & Anat

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