Girls Just Want to Have Fun — A Play Date at Chanel.

Last month, I took my girl squad for a playdate at the Atelier Beaute Chanel. For the uninitiated, it is a beauty wonderland by a darling of all premium luxe brands: Chanel. I hosted a private Tuesday evening event (the least popular day of the week) that convinced me that process is as important as product when it comes to luxury grooming.

Our Atelier experience, led by educators from the Chanel headquarters, was built on the premise of recreating ourselves through personal skin care and make up — all while having a playful and chatty good time. 

The Atelier showcases Chanel products through beautifully built vanity stations to offer an immersive experience, enabling guests with tools and techniques to create and recreate beauty and skin care regime. Fun unlimited.

My favorite part of the evening was playing at the parfum Atelier, testing some 40 scents curated across decades. We chose our top three flowers, and learned why we are attracted to them.  Mine was “les exclusifs de Chanel 1957,” known for its classic elegance and made up of white musk, delicately fashioned with floral notes of bergamot, iris and neroli, woody notes of cedar, powdery accents and a hint of honey.

Overall, the Atelier experience was thorough and first-rate. From our digital profile check-in to a more personalized, behind-the-curtain checkout, we knew we were dealing with the masters of personal care. (And it helped that we were served designer water and Champagne!) 

I believe as women we should all have such playdates (often) with our favorite skincare and makeup brand. Why you may ask?

  • A red lipstick shade that looked good on you in your 20s may not be as good on you in your 40s.

    • The shape of our lips — in our 20s, the lips are fuller and may not look the same in our 40s — red on very thin lips just doesn’t do justice.

    • The color of our hair — red works well with darker hair; think Julianne Moore and Rihanna.

    • The skin complexion — red works well with darker skin, think Priyanka Chopra and Oprah.

  • As our lifestyles evolve, so does the need for skincare.

    • Your lifestyle should help you select the right mix of products.

    • Don’t stick to one brand; be flexible and mix and match your products.

    • Build your product mix around your core issue, e.g., dark circles, sagging skin, blemishes.

  • Always look for opportunities to create and recreate a better version of yourself. 

What does the Chanel brand mean to you?

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