Socializing with Contemporary Art

Being social is not just going to parties or dinners with friends. It’s also attending events that you love and that nurture your deepest passions. In my case, those are art openings.

I have a taste for art. I have many artist friends whom I support by collecting their work. When I invite guests into my home, I pride myself on knowing the provenance of what’s on my walls — the history behind a painting or collage; what impulse the artist had in its creation, etc.

Saks Afridi, photo by Jaishri Abichandani

Saks Afridi, photo by Jaishri Abichandani

Here’s my friend Saks Afridi, whose latest exhibit, SpaceMosque, showed at the Aicon Gallery in New York City. I was given a private tour with the artist, who dubs his installation Sci-Fi Sufism — a beautiful marriage between science fiction and Islam.

Afridi “explores the idea of ‘spiritual machines’ that fuse mysticism and technology, bringing humanity closer to understanding itself. Inspired by AfroFuturism, he sees this para-fictional approach to Islamic folklore and mythology as a contemporary sister movement he calls Subcontinental Futurism.” (from exhibit catalog)

You may read about the exhibit here.

With the rise of artists in every arena and on every platform, I think it becomes important to explore and understand what drives them. And, living in a city as dynamic as New York, there’s no excuse for not partaking of the many, many artistic offerings.

So while some prefer to socialize by going out for a meal with friends, I find it so much more stimulating to be in a gallery or museum. Invite me to an opening or private tour with the artist  and I revel not just in the work, but in the fellowship of other art lovers — people with ambition and discernment.

Where do you like to socialize outside of the standard drink and dinner dates or dinners or  parties with friends?