Thank You's After an Event

In this day and age, along with the erosion of civil discourse, comes the erosion of kind words and good manners.

The subject of this month’s social blog is the simple (and de rigueur) thank-you note or call.

Thank-you’s should be sent 24 to 48 hours after a social event. (Not two weeks later.)

For a large dinner party of an acquaintance or friend from my social circle, I send the host a written thank-you note with flowers the very next morning.

Ironically, for very close friends, I don’t go all out — I simply call the next day with appreciation and to engage in the post-mortem — which can, let’s face it, be as much fun as the party.

If you’re writing a thank-you note, choose your words carefully. It’s very obvious if you sound generic or like computer-generated copy. (You know, those three thought bubble responses that come at the bottom of your Gmail account?) When something is sincerely and thoughtfully crafted, it has so much greater impact.

Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a genuine and personal call or note, even if it’s via text only?

For those that don’t show the courtesy of a thank-you, well, I close the doors to my home.


(Not sorry!)