With Anat & Tom (Ford, that is)

Dear Readers, Did you know that the last button on a woman’s blazer should always remain undone? Or that the inside pocket is placed so that it doesn’t add bulk? (Clue:  it aligns with your breast, not your waist.)

Neither did I, until my personal shopper Anat invited me to view the Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2019 collection at Neiman-Marcus, Short Hills, New Jersey.  

In The Z Experience, fashion is not just reserved for shopping, but also socializing and getting educated — learning the latest trends, design principles and motivating concepts. Through this kind of experiential learning, I’ve come to realize that while I may look good from afar, I look far from good. Tom’s crew of buyers hoped to change all that.

After seeing the beautiful runway models parade before me, I felt certain that I would walk away purchasing a clutch bag only. The collection was far too rich (read: sexy) for my blood.

The Ford buyers however, coaxed me into trying the one piece they thought I could pull off — a faux leather ruched dress with a French Chantilly lace insert.

My heart sank as I thought, “Oh, gosh, do I really want to disappoint these women and embarrass myself?!” ( I was looking skeptical at the thought of rocking Tom Ford couture.)

Two reps came into the fitting room to help. That only made me more nervous. And, did I really want to buy this item that was not only beyond my pay grade, but also needed instructions on how to get into it?  (WTF.)

Anat, as usual, came to my rescue. She shooed them out, and thus began my quest to live the Tom Ford dream.

It was a bizarre style, as you can see: Asymmetrical, sleek and intimidating. A side shoulder slit (no, I didn’t rip it) and diagonal back panel. Not a look for every day. And, I needed help getting into it.

At one point, I thought I was going to cry because it truly was complicated. A puzzle more than a dress!

I calmed myself down with a mantra: Looks are everything; comfort is beside the point.

But, all I could think of was the struggle to put this piece of luxury on my body and not suffocate in the process…

After 15 minutes of arm wrestling (literally), I made sense of it and prevailed.

Looking in the mirror, my first thought: Tom Ford knows what he’s doing. He has made a complicated dress look forgiving on me; I look like a million bucks.

My entrance out of the fitting room was met with a resounding: WOW. From Anat, from the Ford buyers, even from the other clients.

I slipped into a gorgeous formal pair of heels.

And with one more look at myself in the mirror, I pivoted, thinking, “Hey, Tom, your place or mine?”

What outfit did you buy that first scared you, but made you look like a million bucks?

The Z Experience: Shop My Tom Ford Dress

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