My Travel Style This Summer

One of the great pleasures of travel is the prep involved: deciding where to go, researching the place and tailoring your shopping for vacation. 

For many, wearing comfortable walking shoes, jeans and a T-shirt are staples and that is fine. But nothing broadcasts “Ugly American” as much as the above, except maybe the requisite fanny pack and camera.

While my own vacation is not until September, I’ve already started to plan my wardrobe. The key looks for this year’s vacation: white & florals.

In defining my vacation style, I’ve taken two extreme approaches — elegant and playful — and married them.  White is the ultimate in elegance, while florals are playful and fun. Together, they are the perfect complement for a European sojourn.

White: The Platonic Ideal

White is my must-have.  It balances everything and also happens to be my favorite color.  White in different silhouettes is ultra-dramatic.  

  • If you travel light (always recommended, unless you have a steamer trunk and a Sherpa to carry it), then have pieces that transition easily.

  • White is a European summer favorite and works against all landscapes and architecture.

  • From day to evening, white sets the perfect tone. 

  • White defines simplicity, tranquility, elegance and the platonic ideal.

What’s white in my bag?

  • Monographie blouse with the balloon sleeves

  • Uber-chic white jumpsuit by Kobi Halperin

  • Chanel booties

Floral Flair

Florals raise the style quotient, they add their own dramatic flair.  They can be added with white as a layer or worn on their own.  

  • Floral pieces are not restricted to clothing items only. Use them in your accessories, hand bags, and shoes.

  • They work very well in the background of green landscape (rolling hills etc.). 

  • Florals can add the boldness and drama your night out may require.

What’s floral in my bag?

  • A kimono and flared pants from Kobi Halperin 

  • A Dolce & Gabbana printed dress for a night out

  • Gucci espadrilles with massive buckles 

Of course, no outfit is complete without proper accessories and so I’ve selected a drop-dead pair of peacock-feather earrings from Ranjana Khan that I’ve been dying to wear, plus my knockout Gucci summer bag which is yellow leather with mother of pearl butterflies to complement any floral and garden themes.

If you don’t know where to begin, shop Anat’s online store, or go 

What’s your summer vacation go-to style?

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Please note that these are all my personal recommendations. Nothing in this post is sponsored.

Some of these are the exact items I’m packing for my September trip, some are further inspiration!