In last month’s work blog, I mentioned how I needed to hear feedback on my reflections—to get out of my head and my (sometimes) tunnel vision. LadyDrinks gives me the opportunity to do just that.

LadyDrinks is a members-only network for friendship and professional development. It’s about connection and empowerment — empowering others to believe in themselves and connecting with people who believe in them. The fellowship offers me the chance to mingle with different personalities, from all walks of life.

One of the many benefits for membership is a development  program featuring "accountability pods." Drinkers are grouped in 4s. We share goals for each week within our pods. Joya Dass, the founder of LadyDrinks, personally monitors this to ensure everyone is collaborating. (If she finds you're not contributing she'll flush you out! :) I love the fact that Joya provides oversight.) We compare notes on what we did well the week before and what we could do better; swap ideas and resources, and hold each other accountable, all benefiting from varying perspectives and a built-in cheerleading section.

Another benefit of this members-only group is the regular speaking events with featured guests. Whether it’s a talk by Fran Hauser, author of the book “The Myth of the Nice Girl,” or Rebecca Maxwell discussing "how to tackle tough conversations in the workplace," each event has a purpose and addresses our everyday challenges. These events are faithfully marked on my New York social calendar.

One event I particularly enjoyed was hosted at the Anita Dongre flagship store in SoHo, New York,  at 473 Broadway, between Broome and Grand Streets. Dongre is one of India’s top designers; she took a big leap of faith breaking through ethnic boundaries into the high-end market in a major multicultural area like Soho. Although Anita was not able to attend our November gathering, her son delighted us with tales of his mother’s courageous journey, her rich aesthetics and fierce talent.

Women-only clubs are popular these days and is fantastic for inspiration, perspectives, motivation and redefining goals. Join one that suits your need. For me, that's LadyDrinks.

What does your personal development support system look like?

The photo used at the top of this blog is of Nyla and me with Yash Dongre, Anita’s son. The photo is courtesy of LadyDrinks and by Mandar Parab Photography.

The Z Experience: LadyDrinks

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Anita Dongre

The Myth of the Nice Girl

by Fran Hauser