The Three R's

Happy New Year, to all my readers and friends! Hoping your holidays were merry and bright.

We’d all like to do better in our work lives and I’ve come up with three intentions to get us there in 2019:

Refocus your Focus

The first intention is something of a paradox: In order to better focus, we must leave our focus and return.

I am the typical Type-A workaholic, married to my job. I work, work, and work some more. This is not a bad thing; I love my work. But I’ve become so narrowly focused that anything that happens to me work-wise pivots me to the positive or to the negative.

We all know this can be counterproductive (if not downright unhealthy).

So, my first intention in the New Year is to go outside my focus—to leave my work place, literally and figuratively—and come back renewed, refreshed and able to take on greater challenges.

For me, this is my blog, my new passion. For you, it may be painting, or dancing, or knitting, or volunteering. The point is to find some you’re passionate about outside of work so that you can leave work and come back recharged and more productive.

I drop focus to re-focus.


Another seeming paradox: I need to reflect by myself, but I also need to engage with others. On my own, there’s no one to tell me if I’m eddying into the same whirlpool of narrow thinking. I need connection in daily life to give me perspective, help me brainstorm and rise from my emotional dungeon into light and air.


With the realism born of repeated setbacks, I resolve to achieve my long-term goals in short spurts. For example: Instead of losing 50 lbs. this year (actually, the math comes to 48), I will lose 4 lbs. a month, or, 1 lb. a week. (And, my trainer Edgar and I have resolved that by July, I will wear that bathing suit I’ve been avoiding.) Much more do-able psychologically, and much easier to manifest.

How do you plan to stick to your resolutions in 2019?