Gift Giving

I hate re-gifting. I never do it. In my Z Experience, I am a fervent believer in tailoring the gift to the individual, no matter the expense.  

But, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. A well-chosen present costing $20 always trumps a generic one costing $50.

It’s the process you go through in choosing and presenting your gift that matters and that shows  you took the time and care to think of the perfect gift and to deliver it just so. You will never find me sending a business associate (or, heaven forbid, friend) a fruit cake or basket.

A good gift giver puts herself in the place of the recipient: How would I feel were I to open this present?

And, if I’m really stuck, I know I can go to Tiffany’s or Bloomingdales and buy a ceramics bowl or a Spode plate for under $70, engraved with the name of the recipient.

And in gift-giving it’s not just the thought that counts. Appearances matter. You’ll never find me throwing my gift into a Hallmark or Dollar Store bag and stuffing it with tissue paper. That’s just lazy. I’ll go to shops that use exquisite papers, ribbons and bows. (Papyrus, for instance, has beautiful gold wrappers and gives how-to lessons, as well.)  

In other words, the package itself must give delight to the receiver.

How did I learn this?  My parents, of course. Every friend of theirs got a beautifully wrapped gift and fresh flowers the morning of their birthday. Every friend.

Here is the gift I gave to a close friend on the occasion of her birthday, beautifully wrapped and presented:  An anti-aging, white slip silk pillowcase, eye mask, and hair scrunchie. And while these items do fall into the luxury category, the expense is not what makes them special—it’s the experience.  

(Because every woman deserves a good night’s sleep.)  

What is more important to you, the gift itself or how it’s presented?

Gift Ideas on a $$ Budget

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